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Insights from the inspection of initial teacher education (ITE) providers

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Initial teacher education (ITE), together with the early career framework and national professional qualifications form the ‘golden thread’ of teacher training and professional development. The aim is to develop high-quality teachers and leaders, which is vital for giving pupils the …

Insights from our first full inspections of lead providers of the new early career framework (ECF)

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High-quality teachers are essential for giving all pupils the very best education. This is especially true for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, those with English as an additional language and those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). High-quality training and …

Teachers’ professional development remains a work in progress

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The ongoing professional development of teachers is fundamentally important for education quality, and has been shown to improve teacher satisfaction and retention. Teaching practice based on an up-to-date, and deep understanding of relevant evidence is a hallmark of a high-quality …

Inspecting the initial stages of the early career framework and national professional qualifications

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Recruiting, training and retaining high-quality teachers and leaders is fundamentally important. It forms the foundation for giving pupils the very best experience in education. In March, we published our new framework for inspecting lead providers of the early career framework …

Inspection outcomes for further education and skills (FE and skills) initial teacher education programmes in the current ITE inspection cycle

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Today, we published the statistics about our initial teacher education (ITE) inspections. This included the outcomes for FE and skills teacher training. You can view the statistics, and those from previous years, here. We have carried out 14 inspections of …

What next for further education and skills initial teacher education inspections?

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Helen Matthews, our Senior Her Majesty’s Inspector (HMI) for Teacher Development, clarifies how and when Ofsted will inspect further education and skills (FES) teacher training programmes through the initial teacher education (ITE) framework. As part of our ITE inspection framework, …

New inspection framework for lead providers of the early career framework and national professional qualifications

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Chris Russell, our National Director for Education, discusses this new area of our work. Today, we have published our new framework and handbook for inspecting lead providers of the early career framework (ECF) and the reformed suite of national professional …

As education recovers, let’s make sure our new teachers hit the ground running

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Amy Finch, Head of Strategic Evaluation, and Helen Matthews, Specialist Advisor, Initial Teacher Education, discuss the findings of our ITE research and why it’s the right time for a new inspection approach.