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Further education & skills

Anita Pyrkotsch-Jones, Her Majesty’s Inspector and national lead for careers guidance and youth engagement, on a four-day further education and skills inspection

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Four-day further education and skills inspections take planning and coordination, explains Anita Pyrkotsch-Jones, Her Majesty’s Inspector.

Changes to inspection – consultation on visits for ‘requires improvement’ further education and skills providers

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Paul Joyce, Ofsted's Deputy Director, Further Education and Skills, on a new consultation on visits for 'requires improvement' further education and skills providers. He encourages those affected to make their views known.

Minor updates to further education and skills inspection handbook

At Ofsted we’re very aware of all the changes taking place in the sector and appreciate that there are challenges ahead. I know Area Reviews and apprenticeships reforms are uppermost in many minds.

New complaints scrutiny panels

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Back in June last year, when Ofsted announced the changes to inspection under the common inspection framework, we also explained how we intended to strengthen the way we deal with complaints about inspection. In September, we introduced independent scrutiny to …

Government proposals for Ofsted inspections

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Many of you will have read or heard about the Government’s White Paper: Educational Excellence Everywhere, published last week, announcing the transformation of England’s schools. I thought it would be helpful to clarify what it could mean for inspection.