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New Ofsted inspection reports website going live

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Ofsted’s new inspections report website is going live on Tuesday 2 October, after which the existing reports site will no longer be available.

The new site has been in BETA (testing) for a number of months alongside the old site.

The new inspection reports site uses up-to-date technology and is compatible with non-desktop devices. The content is more streamlined and uses less jargon. The site is accessible to a range of people with varying digital needs.

Users can search by category and then filter results. The upgraded search functionality makes it easier for our users to find and use the information they need about providers and Ofsted’s inspection reports, ratings and publications.

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Subscribe to email alerts on the new website

 As part of this upgrade, email alerts from the old site about inspection reports will stop. If you want to continue to receive email alerts when new inspection reports are published, you will need to re-subscribe on the new site.

On the new site, you can subscribe to receive email alerts when we publish a new inspection report about a single provider or when we publish new inspection reports for any provider under a search result, such as any provider within in a local authority or region.

To subscribe:

  • go to
  • use the search to find the provider(s) and/or search results you would like to receive email alerts for
  • on provider and search result pages, you will see ‘Get email alerts’: click this link to subscribe.


There are redirects in place for the new site. If you have pages from the old site bookmarked, these will redirect to the relevant page.

However, bookmarks that link directly to a PDF are not redirected. To fix these links, go to and search for the provider you want to bookmark. You will find the relevant report on the provider’s page.

We recommend always bookmarking a provider’s page instead of their PDF inspection report, so that you always have the latest version of the report and can see the contextual information on the page.

Feedback and future improvements

We have developed the new website around users’ needs and we will continue to do this in the future. We are committed to meeting users’ requirements and making a site that works for you.

You can submit your feedback at:


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  1. Comment by darren posted on

    how do I get I contact with you because recently my son got is nose broken at school and the boy didn't get expelled

  2. Comment by Ofsted external relations posted on

    Darren please have a look here for our complaints process:

  3. Comment by Bryan Meyer posted on

    I need to evaluate all the Primary inspections in Essex during 2018 but on the new site I can only cover a 10 mile area. The old site allowed for a complete evaluation. How can I do the same? Thank you.

  4. Comment by Ofsted external relations posted on

    Hi, On the new website, search initially for ‘Primary’ under Education & Training, and then on the results page use the Local Authority filter to narrow down the results to just Essex and the Publish date filter to select the date range from 1 January 2018. This produces these search results:

  5. Comment by Rachel Fawson posted on

    How long from having an inspection until the report is on the website?

  6. Comment by Ofsted external relations posted on

    Hi Rachel, in most circumstances, the final report will be published on Ofsted’s website within 19 working days, although it can take longer if we decide further quality assurance is needed. Hope that helps.

  7. Comment by Julie Mardell posted on

    How do you complain if you strongly disagree with an OFSTED report?

  8. Comment by Sheurie Warner posted on

    Hi - here is information about how to make a complaint