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  1. Comment by peter marks posted on

    Was this a section 8 Monitoring Inspection of a grade 3 or 4 school or was it a short inspection of a grade 2 or 1 school ? or what ?

  2. Comment by Ofsted external relations posted on

    Hi, we haven't been specific about the type of inspection. In these blogs about school inspections we always aim to protect the school's anonymity. However, we hope that the blog gives some insight into short inspections.

  3. Comment by Ian Preston posted on

    I think the clue was in the sentence "They’ve retained their good judgement" 🙂

  4. Comment by Ian Preston posted on

    This was really interesting and insightful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Comment by Carole Goodchild posted on

    Thank you for sharing. It would be interesting to see a Primary School in this way (including Early Years).